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Monday, November 7, 2011

What I'm Reading - The Digital Photography Book

As you may have already guessed from my first post...I love to read - especially when I'm learning something new.  Periodically I'll share with you some of my favorite photography books since I've been on this journey.  There are a couple of great websites out here as well, but with my book, I can highlight, turn pages, take notes, ets and that's exactly what I've done with one of my first books The Digital Photography Book Volume I by Scott Kelby.

Photo courtesy of Barnes and Noble Books
Not only is Scott Kelby a great photographer, teacher and writer, but he is very funny!  His witty humor and great personality immediately draws you into this 240 page book.  This book is packed with an abundance of information from start to finish.  Mr. Kelby's style of writing is so easy to follow. The book is written in english and actually reads in english...translated to mean -  it's makes sense! There's no jargon and language you won't understand, he gives a subject and tells you how to get it.  Want to take photos at night...not a problem, he'll tell you what to do and you won't have to understand how the cow jumped over the moon to get it!

In addition to the easy read and loads of information, there are photos...many photos that aid in the learning process and if that isn't enough...there are a ton of tips and tricks that he shares that works for the pros to make things easier, such as how to take better flower photos, faking rain drops on flowers, tips to keep your subjects from blinking and many many more.  The book covers major everyday topics that you want to know, like how to take better landscape photos, people shots, night photography, sports, weddings, etc.   

The photo recipe's is another great section.  Here you're provided a photo and the recipe to take that photo in plain english along with camera settings.  How easy is that? 

If you've struggled with how to use your new digital camera, and you want to learn how to use it better, and your itching to take better photo's I recommend starting with this will not go wrong...I promise!  Priced at $13.99 it's a must have.


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