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Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's All About the Eyes.....

I may have mentioned a while back that I was going to be taking an online portrait class at the Perfect Picture School of Photography.  I finished the first course, and I've started a second.  I've learned so much about light that I find myself looking for it every where I go these days.  The first course focused on taking portraits using natural light and was taught by Bobbi Lane.  Unfortunately because most of my volunteer subjects for this course so far have been very expensive teens, I haven't posted any photos, just out of respect for their age. By expensive I mean, I've had to either pay or feed them to get them to cooperate. Needless to say I'm going to have to find some cheaper models! 

The second course just stared last Friday and this course is calle Eye to Eye and is taught by Scott Stulberg.  The focus will be on seeing differently.  Basically thinking outside the box and doing things you normally wouldn't do.  Thought I'd share a few shots from this past weekend where my main goal was to do some close up of the eyes.  I had each of my female subjects cover their faces with a scarf, only leaving their eyes open.  They guys weren't too fond of the scarf, so I let them off the hook this time.  I love how they came out and the definitely prove that a portrait doesn't always have to be about seeing the face, because in this assignment it was all about the eyes! If you look closely, you'll see me in a yellow shirt in the pupil of each of their eyes!

Lesson Learned:
I submitted one of these as an assignment and the feedback would apply to all of the shots. I need to always be aware of my light.  In the above two male shots, I could have changed my composition a little and eliminated some of the bright sun that was coming down on their right side. Additionally, next time, I'll play around a little more with the cropping and watch for exactly where the photo is cut off (nose).  And last but not's not always a face that makes a great portrait and it's a good thing to think outside the box.

Unveiling Eyes,


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