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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Industrial Sunset...

I was out with my son this week and caught the sun setting.  The electrical posts caught my eye.

with a little post processing to bring out the colors in Photoshop Elements, I loved the outcome of something not normally so eye catching. 

Lesson Learned:
It doesn't have to pose to capture your eye.

Unveiling the beautify in electrical things,

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Seeing Things Differently....

Well, I'm still plugging away at learning to take portraits of people, but decided to take a minute to look at nature from a differently perspective.  I recently visited one of my favorite places to take sunset photos here in the area and play around with a new lens.  While there I was able to capture some pretty neat plant photos aiming for a different perspective.  It's amazing what can you capture just by tilting your camera slightly or looking up, instead of focusing straight ahead.  I also had a few shots that werent so interesting until I played around with them in Photoshop Elements and added some filters to the finished product.  Take a look:

By tilting my lense slightly to the right, I got a close up of this grassy plant.  Straight on would not have been as interesting.
Some more wild grass taken at a slight angle and close up

This was just some wild grass growing in front of the lake, again by tilting my camera slightly I was able to capture it at an angle.  It wasn't as flattering until I added a filter from PSE changing it into an abstract art.

While walking under some big trees I looked up and took a shot looking straight into the sky.  Added a filer from photoshop which gave the tree much more depth. 

Alone these two rockers werent as interesting until I added some texture to the photo using PSE.
Lesson Learned:
Take some chances when taking photos.  Look and think differently when you're aiming your camera.  A slight slant to your angle or looking up will give you a different perspective and might produce some dramatic photos.  Also, by using some photo editing software, you may be able to save a boring shot and turn it into something a little more interesting by using some of the editing features that it has.

Unveiling Nature,


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