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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Seeing Things Differently....

Well, I'm still plugging away at learning to take portraits of people, but decided to take a minute to look at nature from a differently perspective.  I recently visited one of my favorite places to take sunset photos here in the area and play around with a new lens.  While there I was able to capture some pretty neat plant photos aiming for a different perspective.  It's amazing what can you capture just by tilting your camera slightly or looking up, instead of focusing straight ahead.  I also had a few shots that werent so interesting until I played around with them in Photoshop Elements and added some filters to the finished product.  Take a look:

By tilting my lense slightly to the right, I got a close up of this grassy plant.  Straight on would not have been as interesting.
Some more wild grass taken at a slight angle and close up

This was just some wild grass growing in front of the lake, again by tilting my camera slightly I was able to capture it at an angle.  It wasn't as flattering until I added a filter from PSE changing it into an abstract art.

While walking under some big trees I looked up and took a shot looking straight into the sky.  Added a filer from photoshop which gave the tree much more depth. 

Alone these two rockers werent as interesting until I added some texture to the photo using PSE.
Lesson Learned:
Take some chances when taking photos.  Look and think differently when you're aiming your camera.  A slight slant to your angle or looking up will give you a different perspective and might produce some dramatic photos.  Also, by using some photo editing software, you may be able to save a boring shot and turn it into something a little more interesting by using some of the editing features that it has.

Unveiling Nature,


  1. I absolutely love taking pictures of trees straight up like that, but I didn't notice you manipulated that photo until I read the caption-It really DOES give it a lot of POP :)

    I'm a big fan of nature photos, so I do love all these pictures you took!

  2. Thanks Kayla, hope you are doing well!

  3. Wonderful shots, Dee! I especially like the one of the wild grass growing in front of the lake. Thank you for sharing your explorations with photography.

    I so agree about trying different angles for photos. Even a slightly different position can make all the difference between an OK picture and a spectacular one!

    I'm remembering back in the days of film cameras I was hesitant to experiment with different views and angles. In those days taking experimental shots was expensive because of the film and development costs.

    But I love the freedom we have now to experiment with shooting from all kinds of angles with our digital cameras / phones.

    Whenever I photograph jewelry, I move the camera in close and then take shots from every possible angle. I nearly always find that of all the shots I take of a piece of jewelry, one shot will stand out as the best of that batch - just because of its slightly different angle.

  4. Thanks Rena! Yes, digital makes is a lot more cost effective to play around with photography. BTW....7 hours later and I'm still chuckling at your story :)



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