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Sunday, January 6, 2013

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday - Week 1

Three posts in two days I'm sure you're thinking, but I'm trying to catch up in the New Year! 

*Special Note: Those here from P52 challenge scroll down for photo only*

I've been pondering whether or not I wanted to take the plunge again and try to do some type of photo project, especially since I bombed out with the 365 last year. I kept coming up with a blank answer, even as of today.  So, I've decided to do a scaled down version of the 365, called Project 52 Sweet Shot Tuesday.   

I choose this version, because I'm hoping the pressure of taking a photo weekly will be less stressful than daily.  When I started the 365 project, I found myself just taking careless photos many times, just to meet the midnight deadline.  I'm hoping...the key word here is hoping, that by giving myself a week, it will allow me to be more thoughtful about what I'm shooting or the technique I'm focusing on.  

The P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday project is hosted by Kent Weakley.  There is no weekly theme or challenge. P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday (or Project 52) is a 52-week photo challenge. The challenge is for each photographer to create a fresh new image to share with the community each week.  You can post photos to a website, blog or online photo album.  The final result at the end of the year for any of these projects is to be able to look back over a period of time, and hopefully see where you've grown in technique, becoming familiar with your camera or just capturing a year in photos. 

Each week, I will post a photo for the project with a brief description about what I was thinking or focusing on when I pressed the shutter button.  I invite you to visit the P52 website, read about it and join me, especially if you just got a new camera for Christmas or if your just looking for a reason to really begin using your camera, whether it be a point and shoot, film or SLR.  

Week 1 Photo
keep in mind, I just made a decision tonight.  This is a little pup my nephew won for me yesterday at a College Basketball game.  My nephew is 6 ft 4, and the little pup floated down from the ceiling with a parachute, needless to say, those around didn't have a chance!  Here he is playing around in the Christmas Tree before it gets packed away this week.  Now I just need help naming him. 

(35mm Lens, Nikon SB-700, f/3.2, 1/250 sec, ISO 1250)
Unveiling weekly,


  1. Sweet and charming, I love how this shot was staged.

    1. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by Ari, looking forward to seeing more of your images this year.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for dropping by Kara...Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Dee, thank you for the comments on my photo.

    This is a fantastic image, i love the depth of field in this, absolutely spot on, and the background is a lovely setting for the lil pup, good luck with naming him :)

    Happy new year to you also :)


    1. Thanks Danny, your comments are appreciated...Looking forward to more photos from everyone at P52 this year.

  4. I tried last year to do a photo every day but was too hard so like you I am not this year. I will try to do the p52 also... Maybe you call the pup Nosey..since all you notice is its cute little black nose..LOL

    1. Hi Carol, thanks for dropping by...I love the name and reason..thik I'll have to borrow it! :)



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