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Sunday, January 13, 2013

100 Possibilities...

Of a Kiwi..............

One of my projects this week has been taking 100 photos of one guessed it, I'm doing Kiwi!  

The goal is to think of different ways to express my subject, whether it be a person or an object, by looking at it in many ways, whether it be from the front, from the side, upside down, dissected, etc.  My goal wasn't necessarily to get it right, straight out of camera, but to get myself thinking differently.  There are unlimited ways to photograph a single subject if you just take the time to play around and have a little fun. I was also able to use this for my weekly P52 project.  

So far I've taken about 60 photos and I've been constantly thinking of how I'd like to show off my kiwi next.  When I'm done, I think I'll make a large print out of about 20 of my favorites and simply call it Possibilities.    

Lesson Learned: 
Be willing to experiment and take risks sometimes.

Unveiling in Kiwi and P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday,


  1. what a great idea for pushing yourself to be creative... I think i'm going to steal it. Love that you picked the kiwi, looks like you're getting a beautiful range of pictures.

    1. Thanks April and be my guest...I borrowed it from someone else myself :)

  2. Nice photos, delicious kiwis ...

  3. Thanks for the comments leovi, appreciate you dropping by.

  4. Can I order one of these yummy looking drinks? Cool idea Dee!



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