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Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Present to You...Forks!

The days had better get longer soon, as I'm going a little stir crazy trying to find things to photograph indoors or near the house. Tonight we are seeing our first snow, so hopefully it will hang around long enough to capture something neat to remember this winter by.  In the meantime I present to you "forks".

Lesson Learned: 
Photography is all about capturing the light.

Unveiling with no food but forks,


  1. It amazes me how artistic you are! To take some forks and make photographic art out of them; that takes talent my friend :)

    I particularly love the 7th picture. Even though they're forks, the picture is so mysterious! Hehe.

    1. Thanks Kayla, too much time on my hand! lol

  2. Wow, a great collection of photos! Very creative.

  3. Its about tine someone explored forks and photography : ) Great creativity in finding many ways the lines and tines flow and light, reflections.



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