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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Things Just Got a Lot Closer....

It has been proven by someone some where that hands on learning is more effective for adults.  I'm certain that if I Google long enough I will find this to be true and because Google has never let me down, I didn't even bother checking this past Saturday before I went out and purchased two new lenses.

I'm also usually one to take the blame when it's due, but this time, I'm blaming the rain and my latest read by Bryan Peterson. I will however defend myself by saying that they were not impulsive purchases. I've been saving and researching lenses for a several months (remember "anal here") for my son's sports and I confess, one for just plain fun...and after Saturday, I'm about to get up close and person with a lot of things!

starting with flowers....

far away moving objects...

untouchable landmarks... (doesn't look like he is enjoying the traffic today)

beautiful landscapes...

 and wildlife...okay, so the birds weren't out today, but you get the idea!

WOW!! is all I have to say!  As I continue reading through my latest book, I'll make sure to keep you posted on what I'm doing and learning, but in the meantime leave me a note and let me know what you think of my latest close ups.

Lesson Learned:
I've confirmed that I am a hands on learner and I'm sticking to that!  Shooting with a Macro lens just brings a different perspective to whatever you're photographing- a flower is not just a flower anymore but a WOW!  A dew drop is no longer just a close up water drop, but it could become several reflections of yourself.

Unveiling Close Up,


  1. I absolutely love my macro setting on my point-and-shoot digital camera. Even if it isn't a fancy-shmancy DSLR, it still works mighty well! :)

    And I say hey, if you wanted to splurge a bit, go for it! It's something you really enjoy doing, and maybe in the future you'll be making a career of it so why not start investing now?

  2. Hi Kayla, the one thing I have learned is it really isn't all about the camera (for the most part), its about the lense and the user...I used my point and shoot for years to take every one of my jewelry photos and I agree...loved it! Hope all is well with you.



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