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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Did Not Get Arrested....

You'll be happy to know that I'm safely back home and that I did not get arrested this weekend at my workshop!  I was on my best behavior - fingers crossed, pinky swear, on my Honor as a former Girl Scout..and  I have a picture to prove it!  That's right folks, I did get to meet Bryan Peterson and he did not have me arrested!  He did better than that....he read my blog before Saturday, he recognized my name upon introductions and the poor guy signed all 6 of my books!!  Now that's what I call connecting with your fans!

The workshop on Saturday was way better than I had expected, and my expectations were already high.  Mr. Peterson is an awesome speaker that knows how to connect with his audience. I not only learned more great tricks, but felt a personal connection with the photograher as he shared many great stories about his family, daughters and travels.  I left feeling energized, ready to take some photos and do some creative exposures.  I had only one thing standing in my way.....

darkness, the cold, the wind and the rain!!!

Luck would have it, the weather all weekend was shot. Yes - I went to the beach for the weekend and never got outside to enjoy it!  But, I know how to make lemonade out of lemons! I enjoyed the relaxation, watched a few movies and stole me some "ME" time.  The few photos I did take were from the balcony and are all a perfect memory of a weekend well spent....

Lesson's Learned
Many lessons were learned on Saturday at the workshop, but the following are my favorite take aways:

1.  If you don't have a grey card to take a white balance reading, you can use the palm of your hand.  Your palm is 1 stop over a grey card.  Give it a try, it works great!

2.  The more megapixels your camera has will not make you a better photographer. It will only magnify your short comings if you are still an ameature.  This comment was actually a confirmation to what I had been telling myself. While I would like to - I will not upgrade my current camera until I feel I've become a better photograper.

3.  Perfect Picture School of Photography not only offers great online classes, but also an email newsletter with great links to quick tip videos by Bryan and other great professional photographers from his site.

4.  Creativity is a combination of many things and a tremendous amount of curiosity.  If there's one thing  I know about myself, it's that I am curious and only by continuing to be curious will I become better.  I used this same concept in my jewelry making. I would try anything once, it only made me a better artist.


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