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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Rose is Still a Rose...

I've been a rose kick the past two days.  I purchased one long stem rose and will try to capture it in different compositions until..well it withers to no more.  You can see a picture from day one in my previous post, and today I've posted several different points of view.  No matter how you shake it, a rose is still a beautiful rose and even more beautiful when you view it close up. 

All of these photos were taken indoors using my collapsable light box, tripod, ISO 200 and no flash.  I also tacked up a black drape as the background.

(f/8, 1.6 sec)

(f/8, 1.6 sec)

(f/8, 1.6 sec)

(f/8, 1.3 sec)

(f/8, 1.3 sec, converted to black and white)

Lesson Learned
Tonight, I didn't really do anything new. I played around a little with the light that was used (1 lamp versus two lamps versus none), but nothing to out of the ordinary.  Tomorrow, maybe I'll play around with something different.  To get the last exposure in black and white, I used Photoshop Elements.  I chose the black and white conversion setting and opted for the scenic landscape shading.  Applied a little vignette and whala! 

Unveiling day two with a rose,


  1. Oh my goodness, ALL those pictures are truly breath taking-a beautiful rose is definitely a beautiful rose, but those pictures make it even more so :)

    My favorite is the second picture-I just adore it!



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