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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Color Makes Everything Fun....

Every year in September, I take my annual end of the Summer "me" vacation at Virginia Beach to celebrate the Neptune Festival.  It's one of my favorites, for several reasons, but at the top of my list is.....more adults than children!  Yes, I am a mom, and yes, I do love kids..but after summer break and school starts back up...I have to take some "me" time. 

This festival goes for 4 weekends straight, but the last weekend is the one I enjoy the most.  There's a Wine Festival, parades, Sand Sculpture Competition, Surfing Competition, vendors for miles, food for miles, bands all day and into the night... up and down the beach, and photo opportunities galore!  I must admit, I do also enjoy "people watching" from my balcony, it's amazing what people do when they think noone is looking!  This year while there, Gabby Douglas was home being celebrated by her home town, and let me tell you, they showed MAD love for this Gold proud!! 

So, I'm sharing today, some of the more colorful photos taken that weekend.  For this post, I was playing around with enhancing my colors and adding a filter.  I think they came out pretty cool, as color always makes things more fun! 

Hopefully soon, I'll get around to posting a few of the sand sculptures...INCREDIBLE!! First, I would like to get rid of the "mess" in the photos before posting.  Below is one that I cleaned up, I have many more to go!
So, until I'm finished playing in the sand...what's the lesson?

Lesson Learned: 
Enjoy life, have fun sometimes and take a "me" break away from work, life and the kids every once in a while, you'll be a happier camper!  Oh....Photoshop Elements make playing with color fun!

Unveiling at the Beach,


  1. Now THAT looks like FUN! I don't blame you for wanting some 'me' time; I don't care who you are, that's a needed part of life for EVERYONE now and again.

    Those colorful photos make me feel like I'm there enjoying everything with you. Or maybe that's just my longing to be on the beach :)

  2. It really is fun and Virginia Beach is one of those place, I go to so often, i don't mind traveling alone!

  3. Oh - I wanna go!! This looks like so much fun and your pics turned out really cool! Love all the colors and you did a great job w/the filters,...I am trying to learn some photoshop elements stuff via classes provided by Brandi over at BrandiGirl Blog - hopefully I'll get it down and mine will turn out good like yours!! Oh - and from one mom to another "woo hoo!" on the 'me' time - you are spot on w/that one! ;-)

    1. Thanks Shel, I'll have to visit Brandi's blog, there's always something new to be learned with Jewelry making and photography! Thanks for stopping by!



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