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Monday, January 23, 2012

What have I learned in 23 days?

I'll admit, It's been longer since I posted than I intended, but I'm learning that Winter is a challenge for me!  I rarely go out for lunch, by the time I get home its dark and I think I may be running out of ideas for indoors; however, I'm still learning, just not at the pace I'd like.  So...what have I been up to you ask?  How's my journey coming along?  


1.   I'm still taking a photo every day for the 366 365 day challenge, but I did miss one day already.  Just totally slipped my mind, I was too busy enjoying my vacation and watched a movie right into the next day. 

2.  I'm getting much better with learning to take indoor photos with the crappy lighting....

3.  I've learned how to set a custom white balance...I'll have to show you how that works in another post....

4.  I've played around with oil and water and got some pretty cool photos....

5.  I've learned to get really really creative on a much needed night when ideas are low....

6.  I've learned that grapes and wine make great photos....

7.  I'm learning that the days go by very fast when you don't have any ideas...

But most of all....I'm having fun!

Lesson Learned:
Practice will definitely make perfect with anything you do. Each week I see myself getting better at taking photos and learning new ways to use my camera. I've learned that even my creativity that I thought only applied to jewelry can be used in taking photos, just by thinking outside the box and I've learned that there's definitely a benefit to having a f/1.8 lens when you're stuck taking photos inside for 3 months.

Unveiling until Spring indoors,


  1. My favorite photo by far is the swirling water-That is so COOL! I would love to know how you got that :)

    You're definitely right though-practice makes perfect and you have to work with what you got! Right now, it just happens to be everything indoors.

  2. Thanks Kayla,
    I'm definitely learning more about photoshop elements and for certain indoor lighting...I just hope I don't run out of ideas!!

  3. I, too, am a fan of the swirling water, but like the grapes shot, too. I had fun one day photographing grapes right after I washed them. FUN! I look forward to following your work, Dee!

  4. Thanks Amy, I look forward to keeping up with your projects!



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