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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Searching for My Photography Nitch...

Sooner or later, I'm guessing that most photographers fall into a nitch...wildlife, still shots, portraits, flowers, etc.  It just make sense that you find something you not only enjoy shooting, but you do very well - but not me...I'm still on a journey to find my photography nitch.  Recently I've visited two zoo's and I must admit I really enjoyed photographing the animals, but I can't imaging it would take long before I run out of interesting wildlife to photograph, since I do not envision any safari's in my future, nor any place I have to I continue to search. 

People?  Well, I'm such an introvert, I'm struggling getting started in this area outside of family and friends. But, I'm taking the step in the right direction. I'm in my third week of an online photography class at PPSOP.  It's been very interesting so far, however, my trip to a Wine Festival today, proves I'm just not ready to tackle public candid photos.  But I watched a friend work the crowd today, and next time I'll be ready!

Animals?  Loving it...wild life that is...but not sure I would have the patience or interest to work with any one's pet. 

Macro?  Has been interesting, still more practicing to do here with my recent macro lens purchase.  But it will definitely keep me occupied this coming winter, when I'm stuck in the house. 

Stiff Life - okay, but a little boring, not enough excitement to keep me interested for long. 

Landscape- Loving it!  Sunsets, beaches, city scape's, tranquility....definitely will be a part of my repertoire. 

And so the journey continues...I'm certain I'll end up with at least two favorites, and from there I'll have a focus for this journey. 

Lesson Learned:
I need to find a nitch ...something that speaks me!

Unveiling in everything...for the moment

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