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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One Last Glimpse of Fall...

Fall and Spring are my favorite Seasons, but this Fall  just did not cooperate with me for picture taking outside of one weekend, and that happened to be the one weekend I was terribly ill; however, I made myself go out to enjoy a beautiful afternoon, walking around a local college campus trying to catch a glimpse of the beautiful leaves before it was too late. 

Lesson Learned:
Make lemonade out of lemons.  I wasn't feeling well the weekend I went out to take these photos, but instead of staying for a 2-3 hour walk, I timed myself to find the best shots possible in an hour.  I still went home sick, but I was able to capture a few photos that will remind me of Fall until next year, and that alone, made me feel a whole lot better mentally. 

Unveiling and feeling better,


  1. I've learned due to the ups and downs when it comes to my health, I never know if and how long the ups are going to last so you best take them and make the most out of them while you can!

    It's nice to see, despite you being sick, you made the most of it :)

    Now if only I can take a lesson from you: slow and steady! Instead of just going the hour, I'd probably have pushed for the 2 to 3 hours and completely overdid it o.O

  2. HI Kayla,
    Hope you guys enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving!!



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